Should I Leave My Denomination?

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It seems pretty common for there to be some element of dissatisfaction in the planter’s mindset. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; not being content with the status quo is part of the impetus required in getting a new work done. But that same dissatisfaction can can also manifest itself in arrogance, rudeness and bridge-burning. Uncool.

Often this dissatisfaction is aimed at a denomination.

Chandler was pretty strong on planters staying in their denomination. Dever was even stronger.

Chandler: Do everything you can to stay where you can support others, be supported, be accountable, and work to make a denomination better.

Dever: Decide upon your doctrine, choose the denomination you agree with, commit. Stay with them until they kick you out.

Both men were able to tell us about significant strains upon relationships within their own denominations, but both are still in.

In my situation, I’m quite excited about where the Pressies are headed. There are great guys in the right places, looking to assess and support church plants and church planters. I’m training with some smart people at college, one of them is also in en:trust, another is leading a church planting team while he’s in college, and there’s plenty of vitality and creativity coming through in the other students.

Across one denominational divide, Al Stewart has been doing a great job in pushing the agenda to plant. I’m not sure of the exact title of his new job, but let’s just call him the Sydney Anglicans’ new Bishop of Church Planting. I’m looking forward to seeing what gets moving as he takes on that new role.

Looks like there’s hope for our denominations yet!

Would you counsel people to stick in a denomination? Independent people, what do you reckon?


PS. The Baptists used to smash church planting. Anyone know how they’re going now?


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