Who’s Yo’ Momma? Or, What To Do Three Or So Years Out From Church Planting?

(Missed the first Dever/Chandler Q&A post? click here)

Dever: “Chandler might be your planting coach, but he ain’t yo’ momma. The local church is yo’ momma.”

If you are some time away from planting, self-awareness and accountability should be high on your preparation agenda. These are the benefits of active and authentic participation in the local church. To grab another of Dever’s beautiful turns-of-phrase, we need to build a close group of men around us, who know us, and are prepared to “smack us upside the head” when we’re being stupid.

If you’re aspiring to plant, are you being discipled? You’ve got to be a disciple to make them.

Are you in a position to disciple aspiring planters? They need it.

Be a good local church momma and disciple yo’ aspiring planters old school.

PS. I had no idea Dever was so hip to the lingo that the kids are using. The kids still say ‘hip’, right?

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