Things I’m Scared Of: Funerals

Let me get this out there: I did not decide to me a minister because I was looking forward to taking funerals.

I’m now in my thirtieth year, and I can only remember being at one funeral. It was, without a doubt, the saddest I have ever seen my dad. The deceased was his grandma.

It has never been easier to live so long and avoid death. Plenty of people, like me, just don’t know how to behave around death, through lack of experience if nothing else. We stumble through funerals and grief as best we can. It is great, then, that The Art of Manliness have recently published this really helpful primer on funeral etiquette.

Now, this isn’t the minister’s guide to taking a funeral, but most would agree that the West is very awkward around death, and this primer has given me the confidence that I can at least be polite.

It’s also made me sad that I did not make the effort to get to the funeral of a favourite teacher who died a short time ago.

Live and learn.


One response to “Things I’m Scared Of: Funerals

  1. Or; die and learn, as the case may be.

    I bought the Art of Manliness book the other week, for a mate’s birthday. I was a bit worried, but I had a flick through it before I passed it on, and it’s an ace book. Might buy a copy for myself.

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