Out Of My Niche: Politics.

Well, this is blogging well out of my usual topic, but here goes.

First, watch this. It’s short. And funny. And a bit scary.

Now seriously, why does Australia have compulsory voting? Why is it that whether or not you’re interested enough to make an informed vote, you must vote?

Anyway, for bonus marks, here’s in an informative piece on compulsory voting.


2 responses to “Out Of My Niche: Politics.

  1. Kristian Hartberg

    Truly scary… I remember a survey published some years ago in the SMH (I think) that asked questions concerning our system of government and how to vote correctly. Now I think I’ve remember this right – it found that 66% of people (pretty sure it was a large sample) did not know how to vote properly and aprrox 80% could not explain adequately how our government works e.g. pass a law etc. Those AFL players validate those findings me thinks…

  2. Daniel McClintock

    By the way, just to prove I’m qualified to comment: Kevin Rudd, John Howard, Paul Keating, Bob Hawke and Josiah Bartlet.

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