What are you doing this Easter?

Here’s a late-night “Waiting for Time-Machine to Finish So I Can Shut Down” post.

So, I’m preaching this Sunday at KirkPlace. Easter Sunday.

It’s always an honour to preach Jesus. And it’s especially an honour to be asked to preach on Resurrection Sunday. Here’s hopin’ I don’t mess it up.

If you aren’t churchy, Easter is a great time to come and check it out. It’s the biggest deal in the year for Christians. It’s about:

  • God’s plan for us (union with Him, to our benefit)
  • Our big problem (we reject God and his rightful claim on us, to our destruction)
  • God’s solution (Jesus’ death and resurrection, restoring us to God).

Tomorrow morning, Good Friday, my goodbuddy* Steve Chong will be preaching about the actual-not-faked, really-Him-not-His-twin, till-he-died-not-swooned-or-was-swapped, death of Jesus.

I get to bring the good news of His real-not-hallucinated, physical-not-ghostly, resurrected-not-revived-or-reincarnated, resurrection.

Sound crazy? Come and check it out.


* It’s possible I’ve listened to too much Driscoll in my time. I didn’t used to call people my goodbuddy.

2 responses to “What are you doing this Easter?

  1. Daniel McClintock

    Thanks man.

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