A nice story on The Don.

Lately I’ve written some stuff that was a bit critical of Don Robinson’s ecclesiology. A few folk have disagreed with what I’ve said. That is to say, every Sydney Anglican who commented disagreed. One calls my critique a ‘jibe’. That’s ok.

Anyway, it’s reminded me of one nice story. Now, ‘The Don’ is my wife’s grandfather, so I’ve got some access, and one day, having met him a couple of times, I used it.

There was a question about the Bible that had been on my mind for some years; I’d asked it of nearly every theologian I’d met. When I asked The Don he said, “That’s a good question. Did you think of it yourself?”


One response to “A nice story on The Don.

  1. People who agree with you rarely comment. That’s the nature of the ‘net!

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