I iz in ur twitterz and ur facebukz, cloggin up ur feedz.

I’ve toned down my social media involvement lately. Very little facebook interaction, very few tweets.

Basically, I needed a break from 1) the noise, 2) contributing to the noise and 3) knowing that there were things I wasn’t doing because I was listening to and making noise.

The noise

Now, sometimes it’s a fun, useful and interactive noise. Sometimes it’s noise that really does create and improve relationships. Twitter has put me in contact with people around the world I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Facebook has kept me in (some form of) contact with people I would have fallen out of touch with. But in the end, it’s still noise. It’s hundreds and hundreds of people putting whatever they want in my feed, and I felt like I needed a break.

Contributing to the noise

On the other hand, do people really need to know that my son was crook this week? Do they need to know I’m hungry because I forgot my lunch? Do they need to know my progress on assignments? Do they need to know that I’m in a lecture? I decided that, for a couple of weeks at least, they don’t.

And what exactly is it within me that gains some satisfaction from telling people these things? Complicated. Too long, did not answer.

Point is, I decided not to contribute to the noise.

You too?

I was feeling unproductive because of the noise. I’m snowed under, and this was easy noise to cut out. It’s been helpful.

Are there things you need to get done that aren’t getting done? Are you going to bed wishing you had more time in the day? Are there real-life relationships that could do with some real-life fostering? Maybe you could cut out the noise for a little while too and see if it helps. Let me know?


PS. Also, I walked past a facebook friend in the street the other day but she didn’t recognise me. That ain’t a friend, right? That’s a contact, and a close-to-dead one.

PPS. I realise that there is a bit of irony in telling you I blogged this by posting it to fb and twitter. Funny old world, innit?


5 responses to “I iz in ur twitterz and ur facebukz, cloggin up ur feedz.

  1. I know what you mean. As part of the Newness Block that I’m doing this month, I’ve decided to – while not withdraw completely from social media – at least take Facebook off my iPhone. Oddly enough, after a week, I didn’t miss it much. Then you’ve just inspired me that I might take Twitterific off the iPhone as well.

    After all, I can always put it back on, and who knows what life might be like if I simply a bit?

    Will be interested to hear of how it all turns out.

  2. Just did take Twitterific off. So there you go.

  3. More ironic would be that you used a web log post to tell us you’re taking a break from social media. Though compared to whatever-service-offers-status-updates a web log is so old school you might as well be posting a letter. A hand-written one.

  4. Daniel McClintock

    Update: Haven’t missed the tweets, but have become a bit of a facebook commando – getting in and out as fast as I can, at times no one expects. It’s hard to give up the habit.

  5. Point well made. There are some folk advocating that we all leave FB at the end of May … their reasons are to do with privacy concerns, but I think your reasons are better.

    Less noise … now that sounds wonderful!

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