Holiday Goals

I just finished semester one, and it’s break time. I’ve got 29 days to make these things happen, arranged in ascending sentence length by pixels:

  • Write a song.
  • Draft a book for Ben.
  • Roast and drink coffee.
  • Speak well at this thing.
  • Put down a batch of home brew.
  • Sell extraneous baby gear on ebay.
  • Only watch TV if it’s The West Wing.
  • Read “The Revelation of God” by Peter Jensen.
  • Help my mother-in-law sell some stuff on ebay.
  • Book a babysitter and go out for dinner with Meg.
  • Go to a comedy club and laugh at some funny jokes.
  • Check my email infrequently. Have it zeroed weekly.
  • Learn my Greek and Hebrew vocab for semester two.
  • Read “Disturbing Devine Behavior” by Eric A. Seibert.
  • Send a sympathy card to the parents of a friend who died.
  • Librarything-ify my latest batch of books, and shelve them.
  • Sort out my semester one college notes: Either file it or chuck it.
  • See the Proudies. They are cool people who sometimes live in Indonesia.
  • Go on a Bunnings Adventure: return a heater, buy a doormat, look at tools.
  • Be so helpful around the house that Meg is all like, “Whoa! My husband is seriously helpful around the house!”

If you’ve got a break, what are you doing?


5 responses to “Holiday Goals

  1. You actually zero your inbox? I cant remember the last time my inbox was zeroed. I have about 100 unread messages at any one time. Currently (if you care) 112.

    • Daniel McClintock

      Suz! All the time! Oh man, I’m having Getting Things Done shudders… you gotta get archiving! Ignoring the unread ones, how many read emails are in your inbox, clogging it up?

      Enable shortcut keys, learn the archive-and-next key “[” and get to it…

      I hate having a clogged up inbox… it’s like a jobs list that someone else is writing for me… gotta zero it.

  2. In descending sentence pixel length by pixels, just to be different.

    1. Watch football.

  3. In no particular order: finish reading “Respectable Sins” by Jerry Bridges, write an article about Oprah for AP, read “Nine Parts of Desire” by Geraldine Brooks, think about doing some housework, see “Toy Story 3”, make two quilts for friends’ babies, finish a quilt for myself, visit friends in Tamworth, bake a few cakes, and (when the school holidays start) … sleep in!

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