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What would it take for you to change your mind on abortion?

At the moment, abortion is on the nation’s agenda. It’s about time I think; it’s amazing that such an extraordinarily significant issue is essentially a “do not discuss” zone in Australia. I’m going to strike while the iron is hot and do some blogging on it, but…

There’s one serious problem with the discussion on abortion I’ve heard so far – pigheaded certainty. If you are committed to never, ever changing your mind, real discussion can never, ever happen.

Whatever your stance, if you can never be changed by the other’s argument, you can never really discuss it. You will only assert, assert, assert you own view and deny, deny, deny the other’s. Doubt is such an important part of public discourse, it’s the admission that I could be wrong. A bit of doubt means you’ll really listen to the other’s argument, because, well, they just might be right. When you make that admission, the other’s defences lower, your arrogance lowers, and people can really share ideas, and listen, and change.

I don’t think abortion will ever be an easy topic. But I do want it to be a public one. And I do want it to be a thoughtful one. What sort of argument could change your mind? Is anyone making it?


Gianna Jessen- Abortion Survivor


For a couple of reasons I haven’t been blogging lately, but I just saw this and wanted to share it. It’s a kick in the guts, and the pants:


Holiday Goals

I just finished semester one, and it’s break time. I’ve got 29 days to make these things happen, arranged in ascending sentence length by pixels:

  • Write a song.
  • Draft a book for Ben.
  • Roast and drink coffee.
  • Speak well at this thing.
  • Put down a batch of home brew.
  • Sell extraneous baby gear on ebay.
  • Only watch TV if it’s The West Wing.
  • Read “The Revelation of God” by Peter Jensen.
  • Help my mother-in-law sell some stuff on ebay.
  • Book a babysitter and go out for dinner with Meg.
  • Go to a comedy club and laugh at some funny jokes.
  • Check my email infrequently. Have it zeroed weekly.
  • Learn my Greek and Hebrew vocab for semester two.
  • Read “Disturbing Devine Behavior” by Eric A. Seibert.
  • Send a sympathy card to the parents of a friend who died.
  • Librarything-ify my latest batch of books, and shelve them.
  • Sort out my semester one college notes: Either file it or chuck it.
  • See the Proudies. They are cool people who sometimes live in Indonesia.
  • Go on a Bunnings Adventure: return a heater, buy a doormat, look at tools.
  • Be so helpful around the house that Meg is all like, “Whoa! My husband is seriously helpful around the house!”

If you’ve got a break, what are you doing?

A nice story on The Don.

Lately I’ve written some stuff that was a bit critical of Don Robinson’s ecclesiology. A few folk have disagreed with what I’ve said. That is to say, every Sydney Anglican who commented disagreed. One calls my critique a ‘jibe’. That’s ok.

Anyway, it’s reminded me of one nice story. Now, ‘The Don’ is my wife’s grandfather, so I’ve got some access, and one day, having met him a couple of times, I used it.

There was a question about the Bible that had been on my mind for some years; I’d asked it of nearly every theologian I’d met. When I asked The Don he said, “That’s a good question. Did you think of it yourself?”

What Do I Do With My Kids?

Mikey is a proper blogger. He blogs regularly, not any old time he feels like it… like um… me.

Anyway, he is often good, and this is real good. I’ve led church many times, and giving parents the heads-up about their kids at the top of the service has not been high on my agenda. Correction accepted.


Seth Godin on Churches.

Well, not quite.

Here is Seth’s plan for any organisation that has missed the last fourteen years, and thus has no real website, no social media, no permission assets and no money. Like I said, churches.

Could be very easily adapted.


Tim Keller Wants to Save Your Yuppie Soul

New York Magazine article.

The article is good. And the comments prove what anyone with a bit of interweb experience already knows: Comments sections are  where angry people go to miss the point and not listen to each other.


h/t to Mikey, who tips the hat to Trinity Grace.