What are you doing this Easter?

Here’s a late-night “Waiting for Time-Machine to Finish So I Can Shut Down” post.

So, I’m preaching this Sunday at KirkPlace. Easter Sunday.

It’s always an honour to preach Jesus. And it’s especially an honour to be asked to preach on Resurrection Sunday. Here’s hopin’ I don’t mess it up.

If you aren’t churchy, Easter is a great time to come and check it out. It’s the biggest deal in the year for Christians. It’s about:

  • God’s plan for us (union with Him, to our benefit)
  • Our big problem (we reject God and his rightful claim on us, to our destruction)
  • God’s solution (Jesus’ death and resurrection, restoring us to God).

Tomorrow morning, Good Friday, my goodbuddy* Steve Chong will be preaching about the actual-not-faked, really-Him-not-His-twin, till-he-died-not-swooned-or-was-swapped, death of Jesus.

I get to bring the good news of His real-not-hallucinated, physical-not-ghostly, resurrected-not-revived-or-reincarnated, resurrection.

Sound crazy? Come and check it out.


* It’s possible I’ve listened to too much Driscoll in my time. I didn’t used to call people my goodbuddy.


Out Of My Niche: Politics.

Well, this is blogging well out of my usual topic, but here goes.

First, watch this. It’s short. And funny. And a bit scary.

Now seriously, why does Australia have compulsory voting? Why is it that whether or not you’re interested enough to make an informed vote, you must vote?

Anyway, for bonus marks, here’s in an informative piece on compulsory voting.

Things I’m Scared Of: Funerals

Let me get this out there: I did not decide to me a minister because I was looking forward to taking funerals.

I’m now in my thirtieth year, and I can only remember being at one funeral. It was, without a doubt, the saddest I have ever seen my dad. The deceased was his grandma.

It has never been easier to live so long and avoid death. Plenty of people, like me, just don’t know how to behave around death, through lack of experience if nothing else. We stumble through funerals and grief as best we can. It is great, then, that The Art of Manliness have recently published this really helpful primer on funeral etiquette.

Now, this isn’t the minister’s guide to taking a funeral, but most would agree that the West is very awkward around death, and this primer has given me the confidence that I can at least be polite.

It’s also made me sad that I did not make the effort to get to the funeral of a favourite teacher who died a short time ago.

Live and learn.


What Do I Do With My Kids?

Mikey is a proper blogger. He blogs regularly, not any old time he feels like it… like um… me.

Anyway, he is often good, and this is real good. I’ve led church many times, and giving parents the heads-up about their kids at the top of the service has not been high on my agenda. Correction accepted.


Sydney’s Quirky Christianity: We Turn.

Man have people turned on Driscoll! As best I can tell, in exactly one year he went from posterboy to piñata.

Public opinion really turned when Mars Hill Global was announced. Fair enough, I think MHG is a bad idea. But what he’s being smacked around for now is that he says he is Reformed Charismatic. Is this enough to take someone from hero to zero? Really?

I’ve heard MD mention it, and another (sympathetic) speaker quote him, and a few things are clear:

  1. He’s speaking to specific audiences, who will understand the nuanced meaning he’s going for.
  2. He’s talking about tempering the crazy from both the Ultra-Reformed and Ultra-Charismatic camps.
  3. He’s basically saying that he has a Reformed soteriology and he isn’t a cessationist. He would agree that the Spirit’s primary work is in pointing people to the Son, but also believes that ministry is done in the power of the Spirit, that there is a spiritual battle going on, and that the Christian needs to keep in step with the Spirit. Who’d argue?

Men for whom I have a great deal of respect are arguing it’s impossible to be a Reformed Charismatic. DJPJ at least sees the rhetorical skill in the phrase, fair enough too, given his oratory skills, but he ultimately argues that the title doesn’t make sense.

I’ve got no problem with Phil Jensen deciding he’s not on board with the phrase – his critiques are always thoughtful. But something broader has swept through Sydney. Driscoll has somehow become one of the bad guys, and “Reformed Charismatic” is his weak link to attack. The real message seems to be: He’s not on our team anymore.

I was at neither of the last two MTD Ministry Intensives, so this is based on what filters out, but that’s ok. Only a few are at the day, the rest of us hear what filters out. It seems that the obvious subtext of this year’s conference day was why last year’s was a mistake. If you were there and disagree, that’s great, but I’m talking the message that has actually got out.

That message is that Driscoll is now on the nose.



Seth Godin on Churches.

Well, not quite.

Here is Seth’s plan for any organisation that has missed the last fourteen years, and thus has no real website, no social media, no permission assets and no money. Like I said, churches.

Could be very easily adapted.


Tim Keller Wants to Save Your Yuppie Soul

New York Magazine article.

The article is good. And the comments prove what anyone with a bit of interweb experience already knows: Comments sections are  where angry people go to miss the point and not listen to each other.


h/t to Mikey, who tips the hat to Trinity Grace.