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Holiday Goals

I just finished semester one, and it’s break time. I’ve got 29 days to make these things happen, arranged in ascending sentence length by pixels:

  • Write a song.
  • Draft a book for Ben.
  • Roast and drink coffee.
  • Speak well at this thing.
  • Put down a batch of home brew.
  • Sell extraneous baby gear on ebay.
  • Only watch TV if it’s The West Wing.
  • Read “The Revelation of God” by Peter Jensen.
  • Help my mother-in-law sell some stuff on ebay.
  • Book a babysitter and go out for dinner with Meg.
  • Go to a comedy club and laugh at some funny jokes.
  • Check my email infrequently. Have it zeroed weekly.
  • Learn my Greek and Hebrew vocab for semester two.
  • Read “Disturbing Devine Behavior” by Eric A. Seibert.
  • Send a sympathy card to the parents of a friend who died.
  • Librarything-ify my latest batch of books, and shelve them.
  • Sort out my semester one college notes: Either file it or chuck it.
  • See the Proudies. They are cool people who sometimes live in Indonesia.
  • Go on a Bunnings Adventure: return a heater, buy a doormat, look at tools.
  • Be so helpful around the house that Meg is all like, “Whoa! My husband is seriously helpful around the house!”

If you’ve got a break, what are you doing?